Inheritance Law

Inheritance Law - International Inheritance Law

Nowadays, moving from country to country is much easier than in the past, movement and mobility in general are very frequent. (Many expats and foreign clients, for example, purchase property and come to live permanently in Puglia and Italy). Consequently, the European Union has decided to intervene in the discipline of inheritance. The Firm is specialised in Inheritance Law, international inheritance law

National and international successions

Stanisci Law Firm offers advice and assistance to private clients for the needs related to national and international succession issues. Legal solutions in compliance with domestic and European legislation, with particular reference to EU Regulation 650/2012 on succession and the creation of a European Certificate of Succession.

EU Regulation 650/2012, which applies from 17 August 2015, has introduced important changes to the existing rules on cross-border successions, with very significant effects on assets.

Mr Stanisci assists his clients, including foreign clients, in all phases of their estate planning. He assists them with competence from the drafting to the execution of the will to the most suitable legal solution according to the objectives, in the identification of alternative instruments to the will as well as in the generational transition in companies, with a view to avoiding future problems between heirs.

Stanisci Law Firm also provides its services to clients at courts and mediation or alternative dispute resolution bodies in the field of inheritance, including the aspects arising in the field of real estate.


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