Real estate law consulting

Legal assistance and consulting in real estate law

Stanisci Law Firm in Ostuni, Puglia, offers consultancy and extrajudicial and judicial assistance in real estate matters, i.e. in legal matters for needs relating to the sale and lease of real estate. Mr Stanisci assists the client in each of the phases related to real estate, therefore for everything that concerns real estate transactions.

Specifically, he drafts, negotiates and renews lease agreements (commercial, residential, transient, tourist-hotel, financial), procurement contracts, free lease agreements, preliminary and final agreements for the sale and purchase of real estate, and property management agreements.

Property lawyer

The Law Firm advises and assists in disputes relating to communions (legal or conventional), legal distances, views, lights, easements, ownership, usufruct and prescription.

As a real estate lawyer, Mr Stanisci is available to assist in disputes relating to contracts (guarantees and liability of the contractor, works supervisor and client).

In addition, he can handle disputes related to the purchase and sale of real estate (warranties and liabilities between the seller and/or builder and the purchaser of the real estate).

Stanisci Law Firm follows clients in each of the phases related to judicial auctions (real estate auctions) and offers assistance in eviction procedures. He is also available for all disputes that may arise between landlord and tenant.

Mr Giuseppe Stanisci also deals with disputes in condominium matters and the various issues that are relevant to the relationship between owners, between owners and third parties, between the administrator and owners.


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