The power of attorney: the advantages of buying or selling a property without moving from home

Are you unable to move or travel to sell or buy a property?

No problem. The special power of attorney makes possible to complete the purchase or sale of a property.

A special power of attorney is a unilateral deed by which a person or company confers another person or company the power to act in his/its name and on his/its behalf before third parties in the performance of one or more deeds, the effects of which will be directly imputed to the principal.

What are the risks of a special power of attorney?

None. The power of attorney is granted for a single transaction, and its validity is over when the power of attorney is executed.

What are the advantages of the special power of attorney?

The advantages of the special power of attorney are many, one of which is the possibility of concluding the agreement even if you are unable to be present on the day of completion of the agreement, for example due to health reasons or if you live in a foreign country.

Our law firm is able to draw up special powers of attorney in a foreign language for those who buy or sell from or abroad and act as an attorney-in-fact during the conclusion of the deed for which the power of attorney has been drawn up.


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