What is the town planning use class certificate (so called C.D.U.)

When selling or buying a property, one of the documents that the notary may require to be attached to the deed of sale is the Town Planning Use Class certificate ( certificato di destinazione urbanistica or simply CDU).
It is a document that summarises the salient data related to a property, in particular one with plot of land , which includes: – Land registry references (cadastral sheet and plot);- Urban Use;- Urban planning parameters such as the buildability index (possibility to build, slope failure index and floodability index).

The aim of this document is to avoid abuses in the use of the land by informing the purchaser of the possible presence of limitations and restrictions and/or the possibility to build. As provided for in Article 30 of Presidential Decree no. 380 of 6/06/2001, the above-said certificate is issued by the Municipality and drawn up by the technical department.The certificate shows the existence of any restrictions (e.g. landscape, hydrogeological, cemetery restrictions, etc.) and it is valid for one year from the date of issue.


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