Why you should hire a real estate lawyer in Italy

The process of buying and selling a property is the quintessential operation of real estate law, and to ensure that everything is correct and that a dream comes true, the assistance of a real estate lawyer is highly recommended.

It is advisable to hire a lawyer to accompany you on the adventure of buying or selling a house from the moment you intend to do so, even if there is an estate agent involved.

Why? Because from the first minute you will know the legal and fiscal implications of your purchase, and thus you will be able to make the right decision with full knowledge of all the details and consequences. A lawyer will be able to spare you future problems, and simplify the procedures, to draw you the complete path, in a comfortable way, of the whole operation.

Hiring a lawyer in real estate law, right from the start, can give you the following advantages:

Availability: the lawyer will put his base of contacts and data to work in order to find the property you are most interested in, under the best conditions, with a focus on your personal needs.

Security: he will process all the necessary documentation for the transaction, so that the legality of the operation is guaranteed, without risk or fraud, starting from the due diligence phase to sale completion.

Presence: he will accompany you throughout the process, so that you can know, see and understand the content of all contracts (purchase proposal, real estate agency contract, preliminary contract of sale, notarial deed of sale and attached) and their legal consequences.

A lawyer assures the selling party:

– Verifying the solvency of the purchasing party, in order to secure the purchase price.

– Securing the signing of contracts, as a guarantee and commitment to sell.

– Drafting and helping understanding contracts that may exist with possible intermediaries (e.g. an estate agent)

From the purchasing party’ side, the lawyer is particularly important for the following reasons:

– Ensures that the property to be purchased has no hidden encumbrances or defects.

– Checks the ownership and liens of the property: to make sure that the seller is the true and sole owner and that there are no pre-emption rights.

– In the same way as the selling party, the lawyer drafts and helps to understand contracts related to the purchase process and others that may arise with other professionals in the same process.

In conclusion, buying or selling a property is a big decision that a person makes and needs to be accompanied by the best professionals to ensure the best outcome, by making the process comfortable, smooth and hassle-free.

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